The Language Studio is now offering specialised courses for adults. From general adult conversation classes to the corporate sector, there’s a course that’s just right for you!

The adult conversation classes are suitable for those who wish to learn and improve their English conversation skills. They are offered year round and students may join at any time. Maximum number per class is 15.

For the corporate sector, we offer a range of popular courses (or we will tailor-make a course to fulfill your needs).

In our experience, most English language communication skill challenges are in writing and speaking. Our popular Business Communication Skills course can be adapted to suit the workplace.

These classes help students to build their vocabulary and grammar; the foundation of language skills improvement. In addition, through developing listening skills, learners are able to improve their pronunciation and speaking skills.

You can come to one of our studios in Ampang, Sri Hartamas and Kota Damansara for these courses... Or we’ll come to you at your premises for your convenience!

For those interested, call Ms Soo at the Ampang Studio (03-42535052) or the Hartamas Studio (03-62039721) or the Kota Damansara Studio (03-61406150). Or you can just email us at


The Language Studio Sdn Bhd, an MOE approved English Language center, has campuses in Ampang, Hartamas and Kota Damansara with a remarkable track record of excellence. 
Q : What sets The Language Studio apart from the rest?
A : We set out with core values that have never changed since 1990. We want to build an English Language center of excellence teaching international English.

  • We specialize in teaching International English teaching students from embassies, international and national schools. 

  • We prepare our students for England, Australia, Canada, NZ and the US

  • Both our expat and overseas trained Malaysian teachers bring the international flavour to their classes

  • We do speech coaching through our lively speech and drama classes

Q : What is International English?
A : Perhaps it will be good to answer that question with what international English is not. It is not Manglish nor Singlish. It is international school English where our students (primary and secondary) are taught systematic Grammar, Creative Writing, Comprehension and Speech & Drama with scripts from England, the US, Canada and Australia.
Q : Why International English when our Malaysian children can barely cope with ‘Malaysian’ English?
A : We believe our Malaysian children need to be world class in this globalised world where there is a war for talent. We have many talented children but unfortunately they are hampered by their poor proficiency of English. 
Parents as well as their secondary school children do not realize the harsh reality of sitting for the compulsory IELTS (International English Language Testing System) in order to enter universities in England, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. They only find out when it is almost too late at college level. It is hard enough to cope with college work without a desperate attempt at an IELTS preparation course at the same time. It is better to start our school children much earlier. Mastering a language takes time.
As for sending our children to the US for tertiary studies, the SAT is required. One important component of SAT is English. I have seen enough disappointed college students who just do not have a proficient level of English to do well so that they can apply for scholarships. 
Q : Is it fun? Will my child cheerfully come back for classes every time?
A: We run classes on both weekdays and Saturday that are punctuated with fun and laughter. The children look forward to every session. You can see from their happy expectant faces as they rush in to the Studio. 
Q : Can my child who is every weak in English join?
A : We have classes for both the weaker students and the very good ones. Every child must sit for a free placement test before they are admitted. From the test, we will place them in the appropriate levels where they can learn in an affirming and non-threatening environment.
Q : Will the Studio be running any Holiday English Classes this year?
A : We certainly will! We will be conducting our ever popular Holiday English Classes that include Speech & Drama and Writing this Summer in June/July/August and of course in November and December during the year end school holiday.



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Jalan Ampang Utama 2/2
One Ampang Boulevard
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Selangor Darul Ehsan.

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J-2-13, Block J
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Solaris Mont Kiara
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Jalan PJU 5/6,
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